Medical Doctors are one of the most sought after field in Germany. Every year the demand for more doctors is increasing. Especially in the field internal medicine Germany faces a big lack. In addition Germany needs psychiatry, anaesthesiology , orthopedics, accident surgery, neurology, surgery, radiology, children- and youth medicine and geriatric medicine. Assistant Doctors are most difficult to find.
These facts are taken from a nationwide survey made by from June 2013.

No, during ICPF it´s not possible to earn money. Students are not allowed to work during the coursework. On special cases students are allowed to do part-time work only during holidays and semester breaks.

Facharztweiterbildung is a study (continuing education) to become a super speciality medical doctor. The studies take 6 to 7 years. During the period most of the hospitals/clinics where you do your Facharztweiterbildung provide money as part of the program. As of 2014, it is around 3500 to 4000€  per month

Facharztweiterbildung  means medical super specialization in certain field of medicine like Surgery, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Internal medicine, General medicine etc. After a period of 6 to 7 years, once the candidate passes the exam, then will be conferred as Facharzt (Super Speciality Doctor). For some more information see “Can I earn money during medical specialization?”.

We recommends IELTS exam. The IELTS result should be at least 5.0 for all of  College Programs except for 5 Bachelor Programs: For applying to offered Bachelor Programs ≥ 5.5 is required. Find detailed information about IELTS here.

Alternatively you can do TOEFL Test. There you should reach approximately 40 points. For  Bachelor Programs in offer are approximately ≥ 50 points required. Follow this link:

or Pearson PTE Test. There you should reach more then 46 points.